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Method Throttle Limits

The following table lists the throttle limits for generally available methods. Numbers shown are requests per day.

Method Name Throttle Limit
Ping Photobucket 10000
Web User Login : Get Access Token 10000
Web User Login: Login Token Request 10000
Upload Media to an Album 10000
Get Album 2000
Create New Album 200
Rename Album 100
Delete Album 50
Get Album Privacy Settings 500
Update Album Privacy Settings 100
Get Media Info 2000
Delete Media 50
Get Media Description 2000
Set Media Description 200
Delete Media Description 200
Get Media Links 2000
Get Media Meta Data 500
Get Related Media 1000
Resize Image 200
Rotate Image 200
Share Media via Email 50
Add Media Tag 500
Get Media Tag 2000
Update Media Tag 200
Delete Media Tag 100
Get Media Title 2000
Set Media Title 200
Get Media Tags for a Group Album 5000
Get User Contacts 50
Get User Information 5000
Get Recent User Media 5000
Get User Upload Options 200
Delete Media Title 200
Upload Media to a Group Album 5000
Update User Upload Options 200
Get User URLs 20000
Get Media Tags for a User 5000
Update Album Privacy Settings 100
Get Album Vanity URL 500
Get Featured Group Albums 10000
Get Featured Home Page Media 10000
Get Group Album Contributors 1000
Get Media for a Group Album 5000
Get Group Album Information 1000
Set Group Album Information 200
Get Group Album Privacy Settings 1000
Update Group Album Privacy Settings 100
Get Group Album Vanity URL 500
Search Group Albums 10000
Search Images 10000
Search Videos 10000


Published 25-June-10. See for additional resources.