Tips & Tricks: Mobile Uploads  
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Now when you capture something crazy or funny going on with your camera phone you can easily share it via Photobucket. By uploading the picture once and sharing it from the web you can also help reduce any per-picture charges from your cellphone provider and be ready to use it for live journals, blogs, message boards, and online photo albums!

Before beginning, you will need to login to your account and retrieve your "Mobile Upload Address" from your Account Options. This email address will be your personal upload address, any images sent to it will be automatically placed in your album. Typically the most challenging part is the process of emailing from your phone. Each manufacturer of phones has slight differences in how you can send images from your phone. Please refer to your cell phone provider or Phone User Guide if you have a specific question as to if your phone or plan supports that feature. We have also created a community forum for Mobile Support at

From your phone select the picture you are uploading to your account. Depending on your phone and provider there should be an option to send a "Picture Message" using this photo. This may also be referred to as sending an MMS message.

Address the message to your Mobile Upload Address you located in your Account Options earlier - which will be in the format of   You can even specify a specific album within your Photobucket account by entering an album name in the Subject field. Save the Mobile Upload address in your phone contact list or phonebook so that it can be set up once and easily recalled whenever you'd like to send another photo.

Once sent, the picture should appear in your album within a few minutes and once there you can treat it like any other image in your Photobucket account.